My immigrant marketing story – Faramade Adegbenro-Ogunlesi

“How I got my marketing job as an immigrant in Canada” by Faramade Adegbenro-Ogunlesi. A story of grace. I moved to Canada June last year when my baby was 5 months and was determined to wait till she clocked one, before shipping her to Daycare and getting a job. She was to turn 1 inContinue reading “My immigrant marketing story – Faramade Adegbenro-Ogunlesi”

How to Avoid Job Scams in Canada

Written by Emmanuel Olutokun Job scam is one of the sinister scam out there simply because the scammer preys on the desperation of the consumer. The presence of desperation often flings due diligence off the window.  According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, 2019 reported job scam cases represented $3.2million losses. The impact of Covid-19 hasContinue reading “How to Avoid Job Scams in Canada”

The ultimate Starter Pack for new Canadian marketing immigrants

Put together by Mazino Fapohunda, Emmanuel Olutokun and Shakira Tai-Osagbemi Congratulations! You are about to make/have made a life-changing decision to relocate to Canada. It is both an exciting and scary experience because of  the uncertainty that lies ahead, especially with settling down and getting a job in your preferred field (hopefully). It is aContinue reading “The ultimate Starter Pack for new Canadian marketing immigrants”

My immigrant marketing story – Oyin Ajibola

An amazing and detailed relocation story by Oyin Ajibola, filled with practical learnings for new immigrants Reminiscing about my journey to Canada and how far I have come, I’m grateful for the steps in the right direction and the lessons learnt from my mistakes. I landed in Canada May 1, 2018 and started my dream job asContinue reading “My immigrant marketing story – Oyin Ajibola”

My Immigrant Marketer Story – Emmanuel Olutokun

This relocation story is one of faith and work. It was written by Emmanuel Olutokun. Marketing and brand management is one particular field I am passionate about and over time I have increasingly grown fond of the technologies that drives efficiency and better interactions with the customers. To stay abreast of these technologies, I likeContinue reading “My Immigrant Marketer Story – Emmanuel Olutokun”

Personalized Marketing Strategies For The 21st Century

This article was written by Emmanuel Olutokun, an experienced brand strategist and growth enthusiast. Personalized marketing refers to the delivery of services to consumers in manners that exudes the feeling of importance. It can also be referred to as consumer/user experience design. It’s predicated upon the truth that consumers gravitate more to brands and businessesContinue reading “Personalized Marketing Strategies For The 21st Century”

Email Marketing 101: Basics of Email Marketing

This video training was created by Bisi Tai-Osagbemi. The video lays a very simple yet detailed foundation for starting out in email marketing. It goes from talking about the role of email in the multichannel engagement, the elements of email and email campaign and also includes a demo email campaign. It provides a very detailedContinue reading “Email Marketing 101: Basics of Email Marketing”

PPC 101 – Introduction to paid marketing

This is a layman explanation of the basics of Pay per click advertising. It is written by Zino Fapohunda, a Performance Marketing Specialist at Humi What is Digital Marketing? This term has been in all my job descriptions since 2012. I am going to be honest with you and say I just started understanding it.Continue reading “PPC 101 – Introduction to paid marketing”

Top must-have Digital marketing keywords for your resume

In my experience, there are certain skills, knowledge, tools and certifications you must have on your resume to pass the fist level of your job assessment. In Canada, the first level is typically an automated scanning of your resume for keywords that the job requires. I have curated the most popular ones for Digital MarketingContinue reading “Top must-have Digital marketing keywords for your resume”

My Immigrant Marketer Story – Zino F.

A tale of determination, successes, ‘non-successes’, learning and growth. I hope this encourages you to keep going and never to give up. Written by Zino Fapohunda. I arrived Canada on the 1st of February, 2018 as a permanent resident. Since then, I have gotten 4 marketing offers, worked in 3 companies, gotten fired from one,Continue reading “My Immigrant Marketer Story – Zino F.”