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The ultimate Starter Pack for new Canadian marketing immigrants

Put together by Mazino Fapohunda, Emmanuel Olutokun and Shakira Tai-Osagbemi Congratulations! You are about to make/have made a life-changing decision to relocate to Canada. It is both an exciting and scary experience because of  the uncertainty that lies ahead, especially with settling down and getting a job in your preferred field (hopefully). It is aContinue reading “The ultimate Starter Pack for new Canadian marketing immigrants”

My Immigrant Marketer Story – Emmanuel Olutokun

This relocation story is one of faith and work. It was written by Emmanuel Olutokun. Marketing and brand management is one particular field I am passionate about and over time I have increasingly grown fond of the technologies that drives efficiency and better interactions with the customers. To stay abreast of these technologies, I likeContinue reading “My Immigrant Marketer Story – Emmanuel Olutokun”

Personalized Marketing Strategies For The 21st Century

This article was written by Emmanuel Olutokun, an experienced brand strategist and growth enthusiast. Personalized marketing refers to the delivery of services to consumers in manners that exudes the feeling of importance. It can also be referred to as consumer/user experience design. It’s predicated upon the truth that consumers gravitate more to brands and businessesContinue reading “Personalized Marketing Strategies For The 21st Century”

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