My immigrant marketing story – Faramade Adegbenro-Ogunlesi

“How I got my marketing job as an immigrant in Canada” by Faramade Adegbenro-Ogunlesi. A story of grace.

I moved to Canada June last year when my baby was 5 months and was determined to wait till she clocked one, before shipping her to Daycare and getting a job. She was to turn 1 in January and we were to go to Naija in Feb/March to return April and then I get a Job.

All the necessary plans were made and I was ready! I’m sure God must have been looking like “these ones dunno anything 😭”

We went to Nigeria and Got stuck till May 🤧🤧🤧 last week in May to be exact.

Got back, and in June, I started job hunting. Since everyone was working from, I thought ‘getting a Job shouldn’t be so hard’. Boy was I wrong.

I put out atleast 10 applications every day for like a month and not a single call. Then I got tired 😭. I didn’t know this was how it was nau 🤣.

So in July, I gave up 🙈🙈🙈 and decided to go into photography full time. Im glad I did this though because, I’ve met beautiful people on this Journey and I’m grateful.

So, the job search reduced drastically.

And then last month, a dear friend on this Job told me about a Job opening and I reached out to someone in the DMM Canada WhatsApp group to help with my resume as I realized this might be the reason I hadn’t gotten a call back from the places I had applied to. And I’m glad I approached him.

I applied to the Job, and again, I didn’t get a call back 😭😭😭. My friend had gotten a call back and called me about a week after to ask if I had heard back from them. She then reminded me that Someone in the DMM Canada WhatsApp group works there and I could ask her for a referral. So, I did and she referred me. The following week, I got a call.

Following that call, were 3 additional interviews. God came through back to back for me during those interviews (I’ll share this testimony some other time).

I got the Job after the 4th Interview! My first interview in Canada. So I’m really grateful to God.

Side note: I took a a Digital Marketing Course at Brainstation. During my interview, they spoke on Brainstation twice! So it was definitely worth the investment.

So guys, after all this talk, say hello to the newest Digital Account Strategist on the block ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️.

Stay blessed and don’t stop believing in God!

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