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How to Avoid Job Scams in Canada

Written by Emmanuel Olutokun Job scam is one of the sinister scam out there simply because the scammer preys on the desperation of the consumer. The presence of desperation often flings due diligence off the window.  According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, 2019 reported job scam cases represented $3.2million losses. The impact of Covid-19 hasContinue reading “How to Avoid Job Scams in Canada”

The ultimate Starter Pack for new Canadian marketing immigrants

Put together by Mazino Fapohunda, Emmanuel Olutokun and Shakira Tai-Osagbemi Congratulations! You are about to make/have made a life-changing decision to relocate to Canada. It is both an exciting and scary experience because of  the uncertainty that lies ahead, especially with settling down and getting a job in your preferred field (hopefully). It is aContinue reading “The ultimate Starter Pack for new Canadian marketing immigrants”

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